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What is

  • This service is aimed specifically at those of you who understand the underlying concept of "Risk and Reward" when it comes to investing money. It is a low cost method of investing money in a portfolio of different asset classes.
  • If you do not feel that you are comfortable with making investment decisions on your own which are appropriate to your risk profile, then you are in the wrong place.
    You will not receive any investment advice here.
  • Should you need information on understanding the basics of investing and what you should be considering then you can start your research here.
  • If you need to do additional research or require specific information on Unit Linked Bonds, then you can log onto the Savings and Investment Forum at and get the information for free, or talk to a financial advisor in your local area, who will charge a fee
  • This is an Execution Only Service and the contract will be between you and the product producer.
  • The contract available on these terms is with Standard Life and for that reason is not to be interpreted as a recommendation.